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    We look forward to meeting you at the New Educator Orientation; however, please take time to review these important documents!


    The Cleveland Plan

    Our goal is to ensure that every child in Cleveland attends a high-quality school and that every neighborhood has a multitude of great schools from which families can choose.

    To do this, Cleveland must transition from a traditional, single-source school district to a new system of district and charter schools that are held to the highest standards and work in partnership to create dramatic student achievement gains for every child. The plan is built upon growing the number of excellent schools in Cleveland, regardless of provider, and giving these schools autonomy over staff and budgets in exchange for high accountability for performance.

    We will create an environment that empowers and values principals and teachers as professionals and makes certain that our students are held to the highest expectations.

    Download The Cleveland Plan here


    Cleveland Schools Progress

    The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is improving under The Cleveland PlanView our progress.


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    A note about Diversity

    The District recognizes the value of diversity and the benefits of fostering an inclusive work environment. All District employees should strive to create and support a work environment representative of the families and children we serve and reflective of the demographics of the District. Diversity represents those human qualities that are different from our own and outside the groups to which we personally belong. Diversity incorporates the primary characteristics of age, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, physical abilities and challenges, race and sexual orientation. Diversity dimensions also include educational background, geographic location, parental status, military experience, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status and political affiliation, among others.


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