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Dr. Roseann Canfora

Dr. Roseann Canfora, District Communications Officer

Roseann provides leadership, direction and strategic planning for the CMSD Communications Team and serves the Office of the CEO as communications and media strategist and as official spokesperson for CMSD.

Email | Bio | Office: 216.838.0086 | District Cell: 216.647.6072

Thomas Ott, Director, CMSD News Bureau
Tom manages the CMSD News Bureau, which is responsible for coverage of District news for the website, newsletters, community publications and CMSD-TV. Tom assists the District Communications Officer in management of staff, strategic planning and media relations.
Email | Office: 216.838.0041 |  District Cell: 216.543.8920

Shannon Kantner, Multi-Media Journalist
Shannon serves the CMSD News Bureau as field reporter and anchor for CMSD-TV. She covers CMSD news and activities for broadcast on both cable and web outlets and supports departments and schools with video messaging for CMSD-TV broadcasts.
Email | Office: 216.838.0096 | District Cell: 216.650.9957

Benn Draher, CMSD-TV Station Manager
Benn serves the District as Producer and Station Manager of CMSD-TV, managing studio production and weekly programming of CMSD news and information. He provides direction and focus for weekly news casts and television programs to ensure timely and accurate dissemination of news and information about CMSD goals, initiatives and progress.
Email | Office: 216.838.0093 | District Cell: 216.543.9346

Michael Goodill, Webmaster
Responsible for developing and implementing District policies on digital communications and managing a full range of digital communication activities as District Webmaster and digital marketing strategist. Serves as Lead Trainer for assisting department and school-based directors and channel editors in keeping web pages current and informative.
Email | Office: 216.838.0095