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Science Education

Science education

MISSION STATEMENT: The Cleveland Metropolitan School District shall provide a rigorous, inquiry-based, and integrated curriculum empowering all student to become independent, scientifically-literate thinkers who successfully compete in the global workforce.

VISION STATEMENT: The Cleveland Metropolitan School District will mobilize the wealth of resources in Northeast Ohio to deliver exemplary science education that produces students passionate about the natural world.


Dr. Terri Wade-Lyles Ed.D
Curriculum and Instruction Manager Science Education, Grades K-8
Office: 216.838.0295 | Cell:216-256-3717 |  Email


Kirsten Mahovlich 
Curriculum and Instruction Manager, Science Education Grades 8-12
Office: 216.838.0294 | Cell: 216-849-8070 | Email


The New Learning Standards in Science Education

Ohio Science Standards  
In 2013-14 the State Board of Education adopted new learning standards in science education as the groundwork for a more rigorous curriculum. The new learning standards were fully implemented in CMSD classrooms in the 2014-15 academic school year.