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See our progress under The Cleveland Plan.

CMSD is significantly improving under The Cleveland Plan:
  • Expanded Quality Preschool - We have added 1,200 high-quality seats.
  • Increased Third Grade Reading Proficiency - 85% of students were promoted to 4th grade this year.
  • Improved Scores on "Nation's Report Card" - CMSD is 1 of only 3 districts in the nation to improve on all four reading and math tests.
  • Increased Graduation Rates - Over the last six years, rates have increased 17%.
  • More Students Ready for College & Careers - Our graduates have had a 10% decrease in remediation rates.
  • State Report Card Improvements - CMSD has the 15th highest improvement in Ohio from 2012-16 (The Plain Dealer - 9/25/2016).
  • Increased Enrollment - 1,100 new students enrolled in 2016.
  • Increased Student Attendance - 6.3% decrease in chronic absenteeism.
  • Growing Public Trust - 72% of citizens think CMSD is moving in the right direction.