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Ombudsman Office

Fair - Impartial - Confidential

 a person who investigates and works
to resolve complaints and problems.

Giving Voice to your concerns...

We were created by House Bill 269 to serve as an independent mechanism for parents and the community to communicate education-related concerns to the teachers, principals, staff and administrators of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

We handle complaints, clarify school policies, and mediate parent, student, and, at times, community disputes with the district’s staff or administration not resolved at the building level.

In a courteous, informal manner, The Ombudsman Office assists in the resolution of education-related problems and concerns of residents in consultation with other key District departments. Occasionally cases will be referred to an appropriate outside community agency. Everything we do is for the success of Cleveland’s students.


How to Complain 

Go to the Person Directly:Begin by talking to the person you disagree with.
Be Organized:Prioritize a list of questions or points to bring up in your dispute.
Stay Calm:Take a deep breath. Focus on the problem, not the person.
Do Not Attack:Stick to the facts and make your concerns clear.
Stay Flexible:Recognize that problems can be resolved in more than one way.
Keep Records:Save copies of letters, forms, and names of persons you have contacted.

Contact Us

Main Office Number
(216) 838-0090
Ron Kisner, Ombudsman Manager

Carmen Colon, Specialist

Helpful Numbers:

CMSD Directory216-838-0000
Attendance Office216-838-0220
Family & Community Engagement (F.A.C.E.)216-838-FACE (3223)
Health Services216-838.0270
Hearings and Appeals216-838.0240
Project ACT (Homeless Children and Youth)216-838.0210
Psychological Services216-838.1955 / 216-838-0280
Safety and Security216-838-7777
Special Education216-838.7733
Student Assignments216-838-Kids (5437)
Transportation216-838.4BUS (4287)
College Now Greater Cleveland216-241-5587