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In CMSD, school leaders are evaluated using the Ohio Principal Evaluation System (OPES). Principals, APs and CISs are evaluated using the full OPES rubric and process; Deans of Engagement are evaluated using a modified OPES rubric. See below for specifics for each role:
Role Evaluated by... Using... In...
Principal Network Leader OPES rubric and process TDES Portal 
Assistant Principal  Principal  OPES rubric and process TDES Portal
Curriculum and Instruction Specialist  Principal OPES rubric and process TDES Portal
Dean of Engagement Principal Modified OPES rubric specific to Deans Paper based

This year, the OPES process for Principals, APs and CISs will occur in the TDES portal. Updates will be ongoing. OPES for Deans of Engagement will be completed outside of the portal; principals should retain all documents from Deans of Engagement evaluations and, at the end of the year, forward them to Jessica.wilson@clevelandmetroschools.org.

OPES Training Dates

To register for OPES training sessions you must log in to your ODE SAFE account and find the session in STARS.  Click on the name of the desired session to register. There is a fee for this training that will be covered by CMSD.  Registration is handled through STARS, not CMSD.   All administrators are encouraged to post a copy of their certificate(s) in their office.

To renew OPES CMSD Principal Evaluators must:

  • Take two hours of online / video training
  • Take and pass the corresponding credentialing exam. We ask that this test is also taken in a proctored setting
  • When you have passed the 2017-2018 re-certification test, you also will be able print a certificate. 
  • The new credential will be valid for two years from the date of successful passage of the test.

Materials and Rubrics