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Workday Program Operating Committee

Operating Committee Primary Functions

The Operating Committee plays an active role in supporting the program teams. It is intended that the Operating Committee assist in removing obstacles, facilitate resolution of opposing design and development direction, enforce and develop policy recommendations, balance resources among other needs.

In practice these responsibilities are carried out by performing the following functions:
  • Supporting Workday design and implementation to uphold CMSD current standard operating procedures;
  • Where required, assisting in creation and approval of new processes, procedures and job roles to support Workday;
  • Reconciling functional design and process conflicts;
  • Balancing conflicting functional resource requirements;
  • Actively communicating tactical updates and information to stakeholders, including CMSD employees and teaching staff, steering committee, executives, board, and student/ parent community;
  • Provide insight into strategic activities that could conflict with or become an interdependency of the program.

Operating Committee Membership

Member Area Role
Curtis Timmons Information Technology Co-Chair
Dennis Kubick Controller Co-Chair
Lisa Durkin Talent Operations Co-Chair
Angie Foraker Procurement Member
Brandi Robinson School Secretary Member
Lester Fultz Operations Member
Derek Richey Budgets & Grants Member
Gerard Leslie Principal Member
Jill Cabe Teacher Evaluations Member
Luther Johnson Talent Management Member
Michael Bowen Accounting Member
Mychael Henderson Payroll Member
Rosie Tufts IT Operations Member
Trent Mosley Network Leader Member
Victoria Brian Legal Member
Angele Latham Grants Ad Hoc
Bernadette Repko Manager, Print Production Ad Hoc
Blessing Nwaozuzu Student Information management Ad Hoc
Bob Kasler Trades Ad Hoc
Cooper Martin Cash Management Ad Hoc
Diana Ehlert Funded Programs & Academic Resources Ad Hoc
Eric Taylor Transportation Ad Hoc
Erica Merritt Culture Ad Hoc
Gary Sautter Capital Programs Ad Hoc
Larry Battle Facilities Mgt. Ad Hoc
Larry Johnston Internal Audit Ad Hoc
Rick Novak Distribution & Logistics Ad Hoc