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Project Team

The Bosses

John Scanlan John Scanlan
CFO, Steering Committee member
email: John.Scanlan@ClevelandMetroSchools.org 
Rod Houpe
Rod Houpe
CIO, Steering Committee member
email: Roderick.Houpe@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
  Lori Ward
CTO, Steering Committee member
email: Lori.Ward@ClevelandMetroSchools.org

Air Traffic Control

Tim Oberschlaue Tim Oberschlake
Workday Program Manager
email: Timothy.Oberschlake@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Kelly Orr
Kelly Orr
Technical Solutions Lead
email: Kelly.Orr@ClevelandMetroSchools.org 

Nothing Would Work Without Them

Marcus Thompson Marcus Thompson
IT Expert
email: Marcus.Thompson@ClevelandMetroSchools.org
Stacey Warren Stacy Warren
IT Security
email: Stacy.Warren@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
  Angela Wolfe
email: Angela.Wolfe@ClevelandMetroSchools.org
  Stephanie Hobbs
Executive Assistant
email: Stephanie.Hobbs@ClevelandMetroSchools.org

Ensuring We Are Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining the Best Talent
Ensuring You Get Benefits, Compensated, and Paid

David Staufeneger
HR Compensation Expert
email: David.Staufeneger@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Gary Nagorney Gary Nagorney
HR & Payroll Technical Lead
email: Gary.Nagorney@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Gracie Cole Gracie Cole
HR Benefits Expert
email: Gracie.Cole@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Irene Scherzer Irene Dunbrook
HR Absence Management Expert
email: Irene.Scherzer@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Jessica Dunkin Jessica Duncan
Payroll Time Tracking Expert
email: Jessica.Duncan@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Lisa Durkin Lisa Durkin
HR Operations
email: Lisa.Durkin@ClevelandMetroSchools.org
Maria Monroig Maria Monroig
HR Employee Relations
email: Maria.Monroig@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Mychael Henderson
Mychael Henderson
Payroll Expert
email: Mychael.Henderson@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Becky Nisius
HR & Payroll Lead
email: Becky.Nisius@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  

Streamlining and Automating the Purchasing Process
Improving Finance Processes

Angele Latham Angele Latham
Grants Expert
email: Angele.Latham@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Foraker Angie Foraker
Procurement Expert
email: Mary.Foraker@ClevelandMetroSchools.org 
Bernie Eichner Bernie Eichner
Core Finance & Procurement Tech Lead
email: Bernard.Eichner@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Cooper Martin Cooper Martin
Cash Management Expert
email: William.C.Martin@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Dennis Kubick Dennis Kubick
Investments Expert
email: Dennis.Kubick@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Derek Richey Derek Richey
Budgeting Expert
email: Derek.Richey@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Larry Johnston
Larry Johnston
Internal Audit Expert
email: Larry.Johnston@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Mike Bowen Mike Bowen
AP/Expenses Expert
email: Michael.Bowen@ClevelandMetroSchools.org  
Tricia McKenney Tricia McKenney
Procurement Expert
email: Tricia.McKenney@ClevelandMetroSchools.org