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  • Jacqueline Cox, Solution Specialist; Academic Resources Department - According to nominator Diana Ehlert, “Jacqueline serves all schools with supporting the development of contracts and processing purchase orders and resolutions for all academic resources. Many building administrative assistants rely on her expertise and call upon her services daily. Jacqueline has a very calm and kind demeanor. She never shows frustration or anger and is truly considered a leader on our floor. She greets everyone with a smile and is always willing to take on new projects and opportunities.”
  • Tracy Jackson – Secretary, Nathan Hale School - According to nominator Sondra Powers, “Ms. Jackson always has a warm and welcoming personality. She is new to CMSD this year and is the only Secretary in the building that has over forty staff members and roughly 546 students. The other day we had two buses break down prior to coming to school at the end of the day and over 25 students had to wait for replacement busses. She kindly and professionally took the calls of frantic and in a few cases angry parents calling asking about their children. Ms. Jackson was able to calm them down, reassure them and give them the information they needed. This is just who she is. Always willing to assist and help. A rare and wonderful quality and worthy of recognition.”
  • Lynn Kanengeiser, School Nurse – According to nominator Karen Perez Steigerwald, “Lynn did an exceptional job caring for a number of students while mentoring me at Cleveland Central Catholic High School’s clinic on September 23rd, 2015. I watched her greet each student with a smile and show empathy while listening to students explain the reason for their visit to the clinic. She carried out nursing care with compassion and true concern for each student’s health.”
  • Phillip Schwenk – Principal, SuccessTech Academy – According to nominator Roger Freiberg, “I teach in a building with two high schools. One school consists of Juniors and Seniors and is closing after next school year. The other school has Freshman and Sophomores and is adding a class each year. I am split between the schools as a teacher, but one school is Year Round and the other school has a traditional school year. I had just met this (new to our school) principal. He was genuinely concerned, friendly, and “heard” my problem as if it was his own. He realized this situation was unprecedented and took it upon himself to draft a fair plan of compensation from the school district for me, for another teacher, and for future teachers who have this unique teaching schedule. He could have let the situation for payroll to figure out but went beyond what was needed to ensure the process moved quickly and fairly.”
  • Leo Serrano, Executive Director; Grants Department – According to nominator Tammy Toney, “Leo is always friendly, greets his guest with a big smile and is always willing to help in any way. I’ve known him for approximately 8 years and can honestly say that his customer services goes far beyond HEART. His personality is always consistent and looks for the best out of every situation.” 
There were 22 nominees recommended by colleagues who believed you have exemplified the S.T.A.R.T. with Heart and Respond with H.E.A.R.T. Customer Experience protocols we have invested in throughout the District. The nominees were: 
Frances Bynum, Technology Department
Migdalia Caraballo, Buhrer Dual Language School
Mesha Collier, Cleveland School of the Arts Lower Campus
Leola Collins, Cleveland School of the Arts
Jacqueline Cox, Academic Resources Department
Donna d'Amico, Walton School
Gayle Gadison, Curriculum Department
George Henderson, Collinwood High School
Louise Herrington, Charles A. Mooney School
Tracy Jackson, Nathan Hale
Lynn Kanengeiser, School Nurse
Justine Lance, School of One
Robin Miller, John Marshall High School
John Nesta, Max S. Hayes High School
Jessica Payne, Special Education Department
Michele Pomerantz, Policy Liaison
Rosa Rivera, Payroll Department
Margaret Schroeder, Communications Department
Phillip Schwenk, SuccessTech Academy
Leo Serrano, Grants Office
Gerald Skillern, Payroll Department
Edward Weber, Cleveland School of Science and Medicine