Issue 108

Parent Rights and Responsibilities

As partners in education, parents have the following rights and responsibilities:


You have a right:

• To a school environment where your child is safe and where your child’s learning is supported
• To be treated with courtesy by all members of the school staff and to be involved as a full partner in your child’s education
• To engage in a mutually supportive and respectful partnership with the school your child attends
• To expect your child’s school to ensure outreach to families, including those for whom English is not the primary language
• To be given opportunities to participate in the instructional process
• To know what is expected of your child with regard to curriculum, attendance and behavior
• To know what progress your child is making on a timely basis
• To be informed if your child is experiencing academic, medical or social problems
• To see your child’s school records
• To visit your child’s school and make an appointment to talk to your child’s teachers and principal
• To be consulted on important matters concerning your child’s education

You have a responsibility:

• To treat school personnel with courtesy and respect
• To send your child to school rested, clean, fed and ready to learn
• To ensure that your child attends school regularly and on time
• To be aware of your child’s work, progress and problems by talking to your child about school and reviewing your child’s work and progress reports
• To maintain contact with your child’s principal and teachers about your child’s progress in school
• To talk with your child about the importance of education in order for your child to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to compete for jobs in a 21st century global economy
• To volunteer your time, skills or resources to your child’s school when needed and when possible
• To take part in school and community programs that empower you to participate in making educational decisions
• To respond to messages from your child’s school