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Visitors and Walk-ins:

  • Acknowledge each guest immediately.
  • If you are with another guest, make eye contact and tell them, “I will be with you momentarily,” “Let me finish this call and I will be right with you”. etc.
  • Greet each guest with a smile.
  • Use a positive and professional greeting.
  • Treat all guests with respect and dignity.
  • Avoid addressing them with condescending terms (i.e., “Sweetie,” “Hon", etc.)
  • Always remain courteous during customer interactions.
  • Listen carefully to the guest’s inquiry.
  • Refer all Non-English Speaking guests and callers that you are unable to assist to the Multilingual/Multicultural Center at 216.404.5159 for support.
  • Tell our guests if you do not know the answer and refer them to someone who does.
  • Make every effort to get the information or to provide assistance yourself and avoid referring the guest to someone else.
  • Give guests specific directions when providing contact information for persons or locations and write the information down for them, if needed.
  • Thank all guests for coming in and invite them back.
  • Maintain Confidentiality and Privacy at all times, which means you will need to be mindful of the level of your voice when answering their questions.

Proper salutation: Good Morning (or afternoon), How can I help you?
Proper closing: Is there anything else I can assist you with?