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Family and Community Engagement Team

FACE Staff SY17
Tracy E. Hill, M.Ed.Executive Director
phone: 216.838.0331

Zulema Negron Caraballo, Office Manager
phone: 216.838.3223
Judith Lozada, Manager - Volunteers and Special Projects
phone: 216.838.0337  |  fax: 216.436.5010
Jacqueline Lamb, FACE Coordinator - LIFT Network
phone: 216.835.1177
Deandre HenleyFACE Coordinator - Investment II Network
phone: 216.256.5250
Rachel Williams, FACE Coordinator - STEAM Network
phone: 216.534-5163
Marisol RamosFACE Coordinator - Best Practices and Culture Network
phone: 216.533.8109
Charone Gray-Edwards, FACE Coordinator - Investment I Network
phone: 216.650.9651 
Wazirah Moore, FACE Coordinator - Innovative Network
phone: 216.334.9361 
Shirley Reyes-Moret, FACE Coordinator - Achievement Network 
phone: 216.543.7851 
Deborah Crane, FACE Coordinator - Portfolio Network
phone: 216.225.2273