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    Licensure Information for All CMSD Staff

    The Ohio Department of Education has comprehensive information about licensure. Please check the website for detailed information about acquiring and renewing educator licenses.

    Effective January 1, 2014, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) only accepts online license renewal applications.

    You can renew your license by logging into your ODE SAFE account here: https://safe.ode.state.oh.us/portal

    Each year License Renewal Applications officially open on ODE’s website November 1 of the year your license expires.

    Download a copy of the Licensure Fact Sheet:


    Step 1:

    Directions for License Renewal Application on ODE:

    • Sign into your SAFE account
    • Click ODE.CORE.
    • Select My Educator Profile (Dashboard)
    • Select My Credentials (Blue Tab) *You have Credential(s) to Renew tab
    • Select Action: Renew
    • Follow the steps that ODE provides

    Helpful hints

    • Certificated Staff (Teachers, Licensed Administrators, Pupil Services) will need to use LPDC IRN #014451 for the superintendents signature/district LPDC signature portion of the renewal application
    • Paraprofessionals, Substitute Teachers, Substitute Paraprofessionals, and Coaches will need to use IRN #043786 for the superintendents/district signature portion of the renewal application
    • Unfortunately CMSD has limited access to ODE’s license renewal application. If you experience technical difficulties or have specific questions about their application or payment process please contact ODE directly at 877-644-6338


    Step 2:

    Required Documentation for CMSD to complete License renewal process for Teachers and Administrators, please see license Renewal checklist by clicking the following link: License Renewal Checklist

    Wondering what to do after you have received your renewed license, please take a look at our helpful FAQ sheet for planning for the next 5 years! Five Year License Timeline FAQ

    Pupil Services (Audiologist, SLP, Nurse, OT, PT, Psychologist) please turn in the following required documents by clicking the following link: Pupil Services License Renewal Checklist

    Paraprofessionals, Substitute Teachers, Substitute Paraprofessionals do not need to turn in any documentation. We only require that you apply on ODE’s website and submit payment for your license before June 30 of the year your license expires

    Coaches are required to turn in 6 supporting documents to CMSD for license renewal, click here for the renewal checklist
    Coaching Renewal Checklist
    • Please see the two PDF's below for further information about qualifying courses for PAP renewals:

    General Information

    Your application process is not complete until all required documentation for your specific licensure is turned into Human Resources.

    Please submit your completed documentation one of the following ways:

    • Through email to Licensing@clevelandmetroschools.org if you only have CEU transcripts from the district or official online transcripts from a University or college
    • If you have sealed University or College Transcripts please send completed checklists through Interoffice mail or USPS mail to:
      • Human Resources c/o Terresa Franklin,
        1111 Superior Ave East, Cleveland, Ohio 44114
    • If you have specific questions about required documentation and would like to speak with Terresa Franklin directly please email Licensing@clevelandmetroschools.org or call Ms. Franklin’s direct line 216-838-0099 to set up an appointment.

    Professional Development

    • All Questions concerning Professional Development/CEU transcripts should be directed to the Office of Professional Development. If you are requesting CEU transcripts through the PD office please make sure you provide them with your original license issue date. http://www.clevelandmetroschools.org/Page/2672

    IPDP Approval and Information

    • IPDP guide: IPDP Guide please follow this closely as it will help you gain an approval
    CTU contacts
    Tracy Radich @ 861-7676 ext. 226
    Jim Wagner @ 861-7676 ext. 255
    Human Resources Contact


    Initial Licenses

    The Ohio Department of Education has comprehensive online guidance for the issuance of all types of initial licenses on their website.


    The issuance of new licenses is the responsibility of the Ohio Department of Education and your College or University. You must work through your College or University to obtain your initial license or permit.


    Stipends for Lead Professional or Senior Professional Educator License 

    CTU members are entitled to a one-time stipend for attainment or first renewal of a Lead Professional Educator or Senior Professional Educator license, if the professional has not already received the stipend. If you attain or renew your Lead Professional or Senior Professional Educator license, please send a copy of the license to licensing@clevelandmetroschools.org to receive payment. 


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