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Rhodes College and Career Academy

5100 Biddulph Road Cleveland, OH 44144
James Ford Rhodes

Students need to be prepared for what happens after graduation — which means mapping out a plan and getting on a path to a successful career. At Rhodes College & Career Academy, educators will work with each student to create a personalized career plan by building on his or her strengths and inspirations.

Student experiences include a technology rich learning environment, investigating career options, old experiences connected to applied learning, internships and opportunity for credentialing in high-demand career pathways.

In addition to rigorous teaching and learning, Rhodes College & Career Academy educators are committed to providing students with the practical skills, knowledge and con dence to prepare them for a full range of postgraduation options including high-demand career elds and two- and four-year colleges and universities.

While maintaining the Rhodes identity for sports and other activities, CCA students will work toward academic success with a personalized career plan and real-world experiences.
Cleveland Metropolitan School District