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  • Welcome to Workday Info for Managers & Schools

    This page contains information about Workday for Managers and School Leaders to share with their employees.  

    Introduction to Workday - Meeting #1

    Meeting Objective:    To inform staff of about what Workday is, how the District will benefit, and how they will learn to use the system.

     Handout:  Frequently Asked Questions

     Agenda Topics:  (see FAQs for details)

     1.     Workday: The what and the why

    a.    The Workday Website (CMSD main website> Staff> Workday)

    b.    Show Video: What is Workday?  on the main Workday Website page.

    2.     When it’s coming

    3.    The Benefits of Workday

    a.    Show Video: What your Leaders are Saying on the bottom of the main Workday Website page.

    How and when you will be trained


    Workday Video Resources - Meeting #2

    Meeting Objective: To show staff the available Workday video resources

    Agenda Topics:
    1. Go to Workday@CMSD website (CMSD main website> Staff> Workday)
      1. Click on the left menu “Getting Started”. Show staff where they can find short tutorials for employees and managers.
    2. Get to know Workday
      1. Show: Getting Started / Navigation for Employees video (6:12)
      2. Review what’s different for CMSD
        Getting started - CMSD specific information (pptx)
    3. Point out Job aids available under each video

    Workday Training - Meeting #3

    (to be used late November or early December, 2016)
    Meeting Objective: To assess whether users have attended required training.
    Handout(s): Job aids on (1) Modifying your personal information and (2) Modifying pay options within Workday

    1) Show the updated testimonial video from the CMSD website

    2) Determine your department’s attendance at training
    a) Ask, “How many of you have attended training?”
    i) For those who have, continue to step b)
    ii) For those who have not, ask them to complete instructions starting with step 4 (under for those who have yet to attend training)
    b) Remind all team members to log in to the live Workday system after the system goes live on December 17, 2016 and check the following:
    i) Their personal information for accuracy
    ii) Their direct deposit information for accuracy
    iii) The organization charts
    iv) Their time accruals

    3) Distribute the handouts/PDF’s

    4) For those who have NOT attended training sign up by contacting:
    a) Your school or local training point person
    b) For MSS or Central Office – Maria Monroig

    5) Review the current listing of FAQ’s on the Workday website
    a) Access the FAQ’s from the Workday website - FAQ's