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Peer Assistance and Review (PAR)

History and Purpose

The PAR program began during the 2007-2008 school year as a joint effort of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and the Cleveland Teachers Union. Its purpose is to improve teacher effectiveness and academic achievement in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

The goals of the PAR program are:
  • To create and maintain a success-oriented atmosphere for teachers and students.
  • To provide a process for guiding and supporting teacher efforts to acquire and use effective research based educational strategies, skills, and methods.
  • To provide a method for teachers to request and receive non-threatening assistance and guidance.
  • To use sound educational research to guide teachers in their selection of instructional strategies.
  • To professionalize teaching by allowing practitioners to monitor personnel and to assist in the retention of its members

2016 - 2017 PAR Governing Board

Co-Chairs: Gerard Leslie, Michelle Rzucidlo
Teachers:  Rita Berry, Alan Mintz, Raquel White, 
Administrators:  Troy Beadling, Andrew Koonce,  Jessica Wilson
PAR Liaison 
Gloria Doering
C (216) 496-6364