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Portfolio Office

CMSD Graduates
Portfolio Planning, Growth and Management
The portfolio management model allows the district to increase the number of high-performing schools by carrying out four objectives:
  • Promote, expand, and replicate existing high-performing district and charter schools
  • Start new schools
  • Refocus and strengthen mid-performing schools
  • Repurpose and address low-performing schools

Portfolio Team

The Portfolio Team cultivates, authorizes, launches, and oversees high-quality autonomous schools (i.e., District-run, Innovative, and Charter) in the CMSD. Empowered by The Cleveland Plan, the Portfolio Management Team embraces school autonomy, high-performance standards, clear accountability, parent/guardian choice, and broad stakeholder engagement.

The Portfolio Team improves student outcomes for all Cleveland students by recruiting and supporting a diverse portfolio of high performing schools that are accountable for results. 
How we are moving the District forward under The Cleveland Plan:


Christine D. Fowler-Mack
Chief Portfolio Officer, Schools and Programs
216.838.0108 | Email | Bio

Portfolio Team

Linda Evans
Executive Assistant
216.838.0114 | Email
Evelyn Holmes
Executive Assistant
216.838.0115 | Email
Joseph Micheller Ph.D.
Executive Director of New School Development
216.838.0156  |  Email
Angee Shaker
Executive Director of Strategic Engagement
216.838.4963  |  Email 
Lorenzo Russell
Academic Superintendent Network Leader
216.838.4962  |  Email 
Stephanie Klupinski
Executive Director of Charter Schools
216.838.0179  |  Email 
Nicholas D'Amico Ph.D.
Executive Director of School Performance
216.838.0112  |  Email 
Melissa Skelly
Executive Director of Policy & Planning
216.838.4964  |  Email 
Rick McIntosh
Executive Director of School Choice and Enrollment
216.838.0177  |  Email
Matthew Linick Ph.D.
Executive Director of Research and Evaluation
216.838.0181  |  Email
Darcel Williams
Program Manager for New School Model
216.838.5156  |  Email 
Tara Drouhard
School Design Leader
216.838.9793  |  Email 
Jill Cabe
School Quality Review Coordinator
216.838.0113  |  Email 
Loretta James
216.838.9799  |  Email 
Kristen Kelly
Mastery Learning Specialist
216.838.9799  |  Email 
Sammy Al-Ali
Action Team Coach
216.838.9797  |  Email 
Timothy Campbell
Barrier Breaker
216.838.9796  |  Email
Ben Schaefer 
Project Manager 
216.838.4961  |  Email  
Rachel Mikolajczyk
Leadership Team Assistant
216.838.4965  |  Email      
Joseph Saitta
Data Analyst
216.838.0114  |  Email