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Provides Administrative Supports To Schools For Grant Funded Programs


The Office of Academic Resources reports to the Chief Academic Officer and is charged with the responsibility of administering grant funded programs that are designed to support instruction and raise student achievement.


pThese resources come through a variety of federal and state grants including:

  • School Improvement Grants
    Title I, II, III,VI
  • 21st Century Grant
  • Race to the Top Grant

The department provides school support services through the selection of external providers, professional development opportunities, and resources that are aligned to district and building needs. Maintaining compliance and management of resources through the District’s CCIP and providing oversight of district and school funding allocations is the main goal of the department

Our Mission

“The mission of Academic Resources is to ensure that our schools receive the proper tools necessary for students to achieve the best educational experiences and outcomes possible through supporting staff development on the path to becoming a premier school district in the United States of America.”

  OAA Olympics 2015
Diana T. Ehlert, Deputy Chief of Academic Resources